MUA Departments

Corporate Affairs Department

Corporate Affairs is a department in the office of the Vice Chancellor. It is charged with the planning and direction of Corporate Communications programs designed to create and maintain a favorable public image of the University. The department formulates policies and procedures related various University communication and public relations activities as well as developing, coordinating and implementing internal and external communication programs. Specific functions in this department include the following

  1. Internal and external communication
  2. Corporate website
  3. Corporate branding
  4. Corporate Social Responsibility
  5. Front office and customer relations
  6. Corporate events
  7. University publications
  8. Media relations

Quality Assurance Department

Quality Assurance is the process of systematically and logically monitoring and evaluating programs and processes in an institution to ensure they meet specific requirements. These can be measured through Internal or External quality systems to ensure that objectives set are met and implemented as indicated. This ensures that drawbacks are addressed to refine the objectives and ensure efficient and effective service delivery, policy or programme development.

Marketing Department

The Marketing Department at MUA is primarily mandated with coordinating efforts meant to generate interest in the University academic programmes. The department is responsible for conducting market surveys and putting in place strategies meant to brings students to the University. Specific roles for this department include:

  1. Coordinating Shows and Exhibitions
  2. Market activation activities
  3. Advertising
  4. Market surveys

Coordinating production of Marketing

Finance Department

Finance Department, headed by the Chief Finance Officer, has the following functions:

  • Implement sound financial controls to ensure effective management of the University's financial resources.
  • Collect and bank all payments due to the University from all income generating units.
  • Ensure expenditure incurred is in accordance with University policies & guidelines as well as the approved budget.
  • Preparation of financial statements.

Registrars Office

The Office of the University Registrar is the official source for all student academic records. They are also responsible for the oversight of all registration/enrollment services provided to University students. Other functions handled by the University Registrar's Office include

  1. The monitoring of examination process
  2. Grading process
  3. Publication and communication of semester course offerings and final examination schedules (dates)
  4. Enrollment and degree verification
  5. Transcript processing
  6. ad hoc reporting and fulfilling many types of requests for student information.

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ICT Department

Services offered by the IT department
The IT Department develops and maintains common IT infrastructure at the University and assists Faculties and Departments in organizing their own IT support and services. The IT Department offers support services for studies, teaching, research and administration. The services are offered around campus. Services include access toe-mail, computer labs, just to mention a few. Basic services are free of charge for those who have either student or personnel status at the University. To use the services, a user account is needed. All new students are automatically assigned a user account and an e-mail address. The account must be activated and it has to be renewed periodically.

Human Resource Department

Administration and Human Resources Development

Admin and HRD department is responsible for the strategic coordination and implementation of the University administrative and Human Resource Development matters in line with the University mission and vision.

The Department has the responsibility to oversee the management of Human Resource management function involving facilitation of employee resourcing, development and maintenance to be achieved through human resources planning, job analysis, recruitment and selection; orientation and induction; training and development; performance appraisal; compensation planning and remuneration; motivation, welfare, health and safety and employee relations.

School of Management and Leadership

The School of Management and leadership is at the moment the main school at the Management University of Africa. Programs offered range from undergraduate, postgraduate  and professional programs. The school has a very vibrant faculty with a good blend of industry and academic qualifications to teach management and leadership courses.

Procurement Department

  • Vision: To be a premier department in the provision of quality products and services in a timely and accurate manner while creating value for the University and its stakeholders.
  • Mission: The mission of the Procurement Department is to effectively and efficiently procure quality goods and services that add value by meeting customers' needs and expectations, at the lowest cost possible while maintaining unyielding integrity.
  • Core Values: Professionalism in carrying out duties; Integrity in dealing with customers and the general public; Transparency and accountability in all activities; Fair play in dealing with users and suppliers; Promotion of public confidence in the procurement process; and, Promotion of fair competition in procurement process.
  • Procurement Commitment:The procurement Department is committed to vigorously improve its services to users so that they, in turn become more efficient and effective in their delivery of service.
  • Procurement Quality Policy Statement:The Procurement Department is committed to providing its users, suppliers and stakeholders with goods and services that add value by meeting their needs and expectations.
  • Procurement Purpose:The purpose of procurement is to ensure that right quality; available at the right time; at the right place; in the right quantity; at the right price; right specifications subject to the availability of funds.

Role of the Procurement Department

The Procurement Department is committed to serving MUA community with timely and cost effective procurement of goods and services. The department executes the procurement mandate and also provides advisory services on procurement to the University management to ensure total compliance with the University statutes. The Procurement department is headed by the Procurement Officer who reports to the DVC (Finance, Administration and Planning).