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Directorate of Quality Assurance

The Directorate of Quality Assurance (DQA) is an independent body within MUA charged with the responsibility of monitoring and evaluation of processes to ensure quality across the university is maintained.

DQA is responsible for quality control in all university processes geared towards the attainment of University mission and vision.

The overall objective of the Directorate of Quality Assurance is to promote high academic standards through maintenance and continuous enhancement of quality academic, research, consultancy and outreach programmes, in line with the University Charter, Statutes, Strategic Plan and CUE standards. The specific objectives are as follows:-

  1. To establish, maintain and improve standards at MUA
  2. To ensure Quality Assurance and Standards at MUA
  3. Policy formulation and implementation on matters related to Quality Assurance
  4. To develop guidelines and procedures to monitor, maintain and review academic, research, consultancy, outreach and extension programmes.
  5. To monitor and enhance the quality of teaching, learning and research experiences in the University.
  6. To monitor and recommend internal support services to students and staff in order to enhance academic and research quality.
  7. To develop and sustain a culture of continuous academic and research quality improvement among members of the University community.
  8. To safeguard the integrity of the academic awards of the University.

At MUA, DQA works to orchestrate operations e.g. audits and surveys, to ensure compliance with nationally acceptable guidelines for the offer of quality education. We are dedicated to maximizing quality assurance standards through managing vital quality control initiatives, compliance concerns, audits, operational processes and procedures within set standards and guidelines. Our main responsibility thus is to implement quality procedures, development of Quality Assurance plans, preparation of Quality Assurance documentation and enforcing Quality Assurance standards in MUA.

MUA accords a high priority to quality assurance in all its work. Its Quality Assurance Office has been established to develop, implement and ensure quality across the university. Its work is matched by the steps that have been taken in academic and administrative departments to ensure that the highest quality of learning, teaching, curricula, research and the academic pursuit of knowledge is maximized and that this is supported by efficient and effective administration and management.

Directorate of Quality Assurance
Ms. Gladys N. Mabonga
Quality Assurance Manager
Other Departments
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