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Directorate of Research Development and Innovation (RDI)

The Directorate of Research Development and Innovation draws its strength from the mission of the university which is to pursue excellence in provision of quality education through innovative teaching and distinguished research to mould leaders, change agents and entrepreneurs with a global impact.

The directorate is responsible for supporting all students and faculty members by managing externally sponsored research projects. The directorate provides support for faculty, staff, and students, ranging from funding to career advice, to guidance for new investigators. The University’s faculty, students and staff are engaged in cutting-edge research across diverse academic disciplines. In line with our broad vision, the directorate is well placed to respond, and contribute, to diverse societal challenges and problems emerging from funding bodies, private and public sectors. At the Management University of Africa (MUA), the directorate spurs generation of ideas, discoveries and provision of innovative solutions to societal challenges and problems. The directorate of research development and innovation also welcomes meaningful collaborations aimed at creating sustainable impact to the society.

Roles and Functions

  • Requisition of Research Resources.
  • Organisation of Research Related Seminars, Workshops and Conferences.
  • Coordination of Research and Publications.
  • Coordinating Development and Innovation Activities.
  • Providing extensive, on-line database of funding opportunities as a resource for the entire University’s research community.
  • Formulation and Provision of Policy Guidelines, Rules and Regulations on Planning, Development, Implementation, Evaluation and Management of Research Programmes.
  • Recommending Research Staff for Short-term Training and Development
  • Coordination of Research, Development and Innovation activities.
  • Identifying appropriate collaborators, recommending potential faculty who may offer the requisite expertise to fundable proposal development
  • Grant and project coordination.
  • Preparation of technical and financial sections of fundable proposals.
Directorate of Research Development and Innovation (RDI)
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20th May 2024 - Friday, 24th May 2024

Main Campus - Kisaju and South C Campus

To showcase products and services, teaching information literacy skills as well as conducting guided tours of the library. You will be introduced to a wide range of current and appropriate information resources, subscribed and open- access e – databases, e -Journals, e -Books, e-dissertations as well as past examination papers and research projects which are accessible through the digital repository.


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