Examinations Department

The examinations department is committed to providing an objective evaluation of learning achievements with an aim of safeguarding and enhancing globally acceptable certification standards. It does this by ensuring that students are tested for knowledge, skills, disposition and values. Moreover, examination management processes are executed efficiently and effectively to realize the University’s vision of providing management and transformative leadership solutions worldwide and satisfy both the internal and external customers. 

Our Objectives

  1. To develop examinations in line with curricula reforms and in pursuit of service quality improvements.
  2. To process and manage examinations as per the statutes and Senate approved schedule of examination activities.
  3. To provide adequate and efficient feedback to students on evaluation. 
  4. To coordinate the timely and fair evaluation and certification of students within the stipulated policy and procedure.
  5. To be organizationally excellent; with staff, infrastructure and systems aligned to deliver our mission

Action Points

  1. Preparation of examination papers, moderation and printing.
  2. Examination administration and invigilation.
  3. Marking of examination scripts, moderation and record verification.
  4. Data capturing, processing and release of result and remarking.
  5. Preparation of provisional and academic transcripts and release.
  6. Graduation and certificates.


For more details/information contact us through: 

Email: exams@mua.ac.ke

Examinations Department
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