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Change is the only constant thing in life. This takes place including even as one is promoted to a supervisory level for a team. To perform this role effectively, and be able get results through people, one would require not only new skills set but also a different mind-set from the ones being supervised.

The course covers key areas that a supervisor needs practical’s application and guidelines in order to excel. We will help you develop necessary skills and knowledge to achieve results through effective supervision.

Course objectives:

On completion of this course, participants should be able to:
 Gain an overview of the supervisory role in their organization.
 Be able to set objectives, standards and targets
 Manage their teams effectively through communication
 Apply appropriate performance management and controls
 Create conducive work atmosphere for the team performance
 Be able to solve work team conflicts with ease

Expected Learning Outcomes


Module 1 Introduction to Management concepts:

 Functions, practises and principles.
 Comparing Management and Leadership
 Challenges in Leadership

Module 2: The roles of a supervisor

 Planning day to day activities in a department
 Setting priority for tasks
 Setting up measures for performance.

Module 3: Effective communication

 Effective methods and channels of communication
 Barriers to communication
 Giving feedback on performance
 Dealing with grapevines and other types of misinformation

Module 4: Time Management strategies

 Work planning and scheduling
 Managing meetings
 Dealing with assignments from the higher levels.

Module 5: Decision Making and problem solving

 Importance of decision making
 Decision making process
 Challenges in decision making.

Module 6: Conflict Management at the department level

 Identifying conflicts
 Causes of conflict
 God or bad conflicts
 Conflicts resolution.

Module 7: Managing with Emotional Intelligence

 What is emotional intelligence
 Self- awareness
 Self- management
 Social awareness
 Stress Management


The course will be facilitated virtually. The will be delivered using case studies, videos,
group discussion and presentation will be employed.

The Target Group:

Supervisors, Head of departments, Middle managers, Management trainees


This course will take a maximum of 10 days.


The charge is Ksh. 40,000 per delegate

Training Dates:

FEB 12th – 23rd APRIL 15th – 26th , JUNE 3rd – 14th AUG 12th – 23rd
OCT 14th – 25th

In case of any clarification, kindly contact:
The Executive Capacity Development
Tel: 0721-538389
Email: OR

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