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Library Current Core Texts January 2022

MANAGEMENT1Contemporary Management, 12th ed.Gareth, R. J.McGraw Hill20212
2Management, 10th ed.Angelo KinickiMcGraw Hill20212
3Management: leading and collaboratingThomas S. BatemanMcGraw Hill20202
4Management, 7th ed.Thomas S. B.McGraw Hill20212
5International Management: Culture, strategy and behaviorFred Luthans,McGraw Hill20204
PSYCHOLOGY6Comprehensive Stress Management, 15th ed.Jerold GreenbergMcGraw Hill20202
7Psychology, 6th ed.SaundraPearson20202
NEGOTIATION8Essentials of negotiation, 7th ed.Roy J. LewickiMcGraw Hill20202
9Crisis negotiation, 6th ed.Michael McMainsRoutledge20202
10The mind and heart of the negotiatorLeigh ThompsonPearson20212
ENTREPRENEURSHIP11ISE Entrepreneurship: the art, science and process for successCharles E.McGraw Hill20212
12Entrepreneurship: successfully launching new venturesBruce R.B.Pearson20212
13Entrepreneurship and innovation: TheoryTim MazzarolSpringer20202
14International Business, 17th ed.John D. D.Pearson20212
BUSINESS RESEARCH METHODS15Business research methods 14th ed.Pamels SchnidlerMcGraw Hill20202
PROJECT MANAGEMENT16Project management: the managerial processErik W. LarsonMcGraw Hill20202
ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE17Essential concepts of global environmentalJean-FredericRoutledge20202
STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT18Essentials of strategic management: the quest for competitive advantage 7thJohn E. GambMcGraw Hill20202
19Crafting & Executing Strategy: the quest for competitive advantage: concepts and casesArthur A. ThompsonMcGraw Hill20212
MARKETING20Marketing: the coreRogers A. KeriMcGraw Hill20212
21Services marketing: integrating customer serviceAlan WilsonMcGraw Hill20214
22Global Marketing, 10th ed.Warren J. K.Pearson20202
23Strategic Brand Management, 5th ed.Kevin KellerPearson20192
24Digital Marketing: Strategy, Implementation and PracticeDave ChaffeyPearson20192
25Principles of Marketing 18th ed.Philip T. KotlerPearson20202
26ISE Essentials of marketing researchJoseph F.McGraw Hill20202
27Advertising and promotionGeorge BelchMcGraw Hill20202
FINANACIAL & COST ACCOUNTING28Auditing & Assurance Services 8th ed.Timothy J.McGraw Hill20202
29Cost management: a strategic emphasis 9th ed.Edward BlochMcGraw Hill20212
30Fundamentals of financial accounting 7th ed.Fred PhilipsMcGraw Hill20212
ECONOMICS31Managerial economics & business strategyMichael BayeMcGraw Hill20214
32Principles of Economics, 8th ed.Robert H.FrankMcGraw Hill20212
33Principles of MacroeconomicsRobert H.FrankMcGraw Hill20212
LAW34Law for business 14th ed.A James BarnesMcGraw Hill20202
35Law, Business And Society,13th ed.Tony McAdamMcGraw Hill20212
36Employment law for business 10th ed.Dawn D.McGraw Hill20212
37Legal environment of BusinessMelvinMcGraw Hill20202
38Business law and strategyMelvinMcGraw Hill20202
STATISTICS39Basic Statistics in business economicsDouglas A.McGraw Hill20212
40Business StatisticsSanjiv Jaggia,McGraw Hill20212
41Basic statistics for business and economicsLinda, D.AMcGraw Hill20212
BUSINESS COMMUNICATION42Business communication: Developing leadersPeter CardonMcGraw Hill20202
43Business communication today,15th ed.Courtland L.Pearson20202
FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT44Money, banking and financial Markets, 6th ed.Stephen G.McGraw Hill20202
45Fundamentals of investing, 14th ed.Scott B SmartPearson20192
46International Financial Management, 9th ed.Cheol EunMcGraw Hill20202
47Essentials of investments,12th ed.Zvi BodieMcGraw Hill20212
48Financial Management: Principles and applicationsSheridan T,Pearson20202
INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY49Computing essentials 2021, 28th ed.Timothy J. O’learyMcGraw Hill20202
50Information systems, 6th ed.Paige BaltzanMcGraw Hill20212
51Management Information systemsJane P. LaundonPearson20212
52Business driven technology, 9EBaltzan, et alMcGraw Hill20212
HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT53Fundamentals of Human Resource ManagementRaymond A.McGraw Hill20212
54Managing Human Resources, 12th ed.Wayne CascioMcGraw Hill20212
55Human Resource Management 11th ed.Derek TorringPearson20202
56International Human Resource ManagementTony EdwardsPearson20162
LEADERSHIP57Leadership: Enhancing the lessons of experienceRichard L.McGraw Hill20212
58The Art of Leadership,7th ed.George MannMcGraw Hill20212
BUSINESS ETHICS59Business Ethics: Decision Making for personal integrity & social responsibilityLaura P.McGraw Hill20202
60Business Ethics now, 6th ed.Andrew W. G.McGraw Hill20202
61Business Ethics and corporate policiesMantzarisBusiness Experts20202
62Business and Society: stake holders, EthicsLawrenceMcGraw Hill20202
63Issue in Business ethics and corporate social responsibilitiesSage20202
ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOR64Organizational behavior 5th ed.Steven MschaMcGraw Hill20212
65Managing Organizational Change: A multiple Perspectives ApproachIan Palmer, R.McGraw Hill20212
66The 7 principles of conflict ResolutionWeinstein, LPearson20182
OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT67Operations management, 14th ed.Wiliiam J. S.McGraw Hill20202
68Operations and Process management, 6th ed.Nigel SlackPearson20212
PUBLIC RELATIONS69Exploring Public Relations and ManagementRaph TenchPearson20202
SOCIOLOGY70Digital Transformation in Business and societyBabu GeorgePalgrave20192
71Introduction to sociology 12th ed.AnthonyW.W Norton20212
TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT72Total Quality Management: PrinciplesSunil LuthraCRC Press20212
LABOUR RELATIONS73Labor relations: striking or beliefJohn BuddMcGraw Hill20212
RELIGION74Freedom of religion or beliefPaul T. BabieEdward Elgar20202
75Islam explainedAhmad Rashid SalimRockridge Press20202
76The method of Christian theologyRhyne R. PutmanB&H Academy20202
77An introduction to the cognitive science of religionClaire WhiteRoutledge20212
78Surviving religion 101Michael KrugCrossway20212
79Church history in plain language 5th ed.Bruce ShelleyZondervan20212
80Sociology of religionRuth MwalyoBlessed Hope20212
FICTION81Artificial intelligenceRichard N. BoydIndepedent Publisher20172
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