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Message from the Vice Chancellor

Prof. Washington Okeyo,

It is with great pleasure that I take this opportunity to welcome you to the Management University of Africa (MUA), where students are equipped for excellence in entrepreneurship, governance, management and leadership. MUA aspires to be a leader in innovative business and management training. Our distinct focus is to be the centre of excellence in capacity building in management, leadership, governance and entrepreneurship.

At MUA we consider our students to be one of our greatest assets and have consequently endeavored to ensure that we give them the best academic experience that will help them launch successful careers. MUA offers a conducive learning environment that fosters academic and professional growth. We create a bridge between achievement and personal fulfillment and equip our students to discern the difference between personal achievement and accomplishment. We work hard to ensure that our students have what it takes to be productive employees at their places of work.

I am proud to say that our programmes are developed with input from local and international industry experts and faculty advisors. The result is a curriculum that is market driven with a global focus and local relevance. MUA programmes take a two pronged approach focusing on theory and practice thus making them practical and experiential.

We take pride in our state of the art learning facilities. Our library boasts of an extensive array of learning resources. What’s more, our e-resources can be accessed from our library and classrooms on campus or from the comforts of your house or office. MUA offers a perfect platform for networking. Our highly engaging classes offer a good forum for executives to exchange ideas thus ensuring that students learn from the experiences of their peers.

So, whether you are looking to launch your future career in business or entrepreneurship, or just want to advance your professional skills then MUA is the place for you. I welcome you to visit our Nairobi South C Campus and our staff will be glad to meet you and take you through the world of opportunities available for you.

The Vice Chancellor can be reached on 

I look forward to welcoming you to MUA.

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