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Dr. Arch. Reuben Musyoka Mutiso

Dr. Arch. Reuben Musyoka Mutiso is a leading Architect in Africa. He is the first and still serving chancellor of the university and a former chairman of the KIM and a distinguished professional who qualified as an Architect after completing his Masters of Architecture from the University of Nairobi and later a PhD in Philosophy from the University of Texas, Austin. He also holds an Honorary Diploma in Land Policy from Lincoln Institute Cambridge in Boston- USA and is also an Honorary Architect of Chile (CAGAG).

Dr. Arch. Reuben Musyoka Mutiso is a registered Architect in Kenya, a member of the Architectural Association of Kenya (MAAK) and a recognised member of different architectural associations in Africa namely: Architectural Association of Botswana (MAAB), Architectural Association of Tanzania (MAAT) and Architects Institute of Uganda (MAIU).

Dr. Arch. Reuben Musyoka Mutiso is a practicing Architect and Executive Chairman Tectura International. Tectura International has 5 active operations strategically located in Eastern, Southern and Central Africa. These operations are based at Nairobi in Kenya, Kampala in Uganda, Dar-Es-Salaam in Tanzania, Kigali in Rwanda Mafikeng and Johannesburg in the Republic of South Africa. Established in Kenya in 1981, the practice of Tectura-International has grown from strength to strength by offering multifaceted professional services in the areas of Architectural Design and Management, Town and Regional Planning, Environmental Planning, Project Management, and other associated services. In the twenty-eight years practice, Tectura International has endeavoured to demonstrate innovation and command a competitive place in the market. The practice currently boasts of three sister companies and two associated firms.

The Sister Companies include:

  • Tectura International Ltd. in Kenya, incorporated since 1981,
  • Tectura International (Pty) Ltd. in Botswana incorporated in 1990,
  • Tectura International (Pty) Ltd. in the Republic of South Africa incorporated in 2003

The Associated Companies include:

  • Tectura International Ltd. in Uganda,
  • Tectura International Ltd. in Rwanda.

This one incredible Kenyan architect has managed to take his castles in the air and make them a reality. He is the mind behind:

  • Shelter Afrique in Upper Hill, quite obviously a fabrication of the mind’s eye,
  • Nairobi Baptist Church on Ngong Road,
  • Priority Plaza in Hurlingham,
  • The radiation laboratories at Kenya Bureau of Standards, off Mombasa Road among others.

Regionally just to mention, when Dr. Arch Reuben Musyoka Mutiso left Nairobi for Botswana in 1986, it was about adventure. Twenty-three years down the line, what started as an exploration has given forth an empire of architectural accomplishments that many envy. Dr Mutiso has stamped his mark in Botswana. To his name are iconic structures that include: The Industrial Court, Botswana’s proposed second university in Francistown, about 500km from Gaborone. The multipurpose hall for the University of Botswana.

Dr. Arch. Reuben Musyoka Mutiso has served as the Chief Architect of Kenya Posts and Telecommunications between 1975-1981. His impressive career profile includes the past position of Regional Architect at East Africa Posts and Telecommunications (1973-1975). He has served in various capacities as the Vice President of the International Union of Architects (IUA) and Jury Member for UNESCO. Recently, Dr. Arch. Mutiso was appointed as member of the board of the Konza Technopolis Development Authority.

Over the years Dr. Arch. Mutiso has had numerous honours and appointments in Management and Leadership positions which include: Chairman Board of Education of Architects and Quantity Surveyors of Kenya, Chairman Architectural Association of Kenya, Chairman, Presidential Commission on Building Laws and Regulations, Vice President International Union of Architects, Vice President of Arc-PEACE, among others

Dr. Arch. Reuben Musyoka Mutiso has sat on many Juries; local and International and also has been an external examiner of many universities. He holds various professional fellowships at organizations including the Institution of Construction Project Managers of Kenya and the College of Architects of Spain, Fellowship of the Architectural Association of Kenya (FAAK), the fellowship of the Institute of Construction, Project Managers of Kenya, and the Fellowship of the Kenya Institute of Management among others in recognition of his outstanding contributions to the field of architecture.

Prior to his appointment as Chancellor, The Management University of Africa, Dr. Mutiso was the Chairman of the KIM Council. Dr. Arch. Mutiso successfully steered the Kenya Institute of Management for more than 10 years as the chairman of the Council. During his tenure at KIM, some of his major achievements include: Steering the committee that gave birth to The KIM convention – known as the Africa Governance, Leadership and Management Convention which has had its 3rd annual event so far. Spear heading the ISO certification of KIM (ISO 9001: 2008 CERTIFIED COMPANY). Initiating the pursuit for letter of Interim Authority, which eventually gave birth to the establishment of the Management University of Africa (MUA), and so here we are today.

Dr. Arch. Reuben Musyoka Mutiso, shall be remembered for some of his famous quotes that shall inspire Africa. In the 1st Kim convention in Mombasa, he said “Gone are the days of rudderless leadership. Africa must now strive to have a leadership style that will address and correct the malaise that the continent has been grappling with all these years.

Unknown to many, Dr. Arch. Reuben Musyoka Mutiso is a bonafide art collector in Kenya. Believing in art, design and technical aptitude, Dr. Mutiso has more than dabbled within the industry. His has a passion for Kenyan paintings, sculpture and wood carvings. Over the years, Dr. Mutiso’s personal collection has grown to include metal works, fabric work, stools, cups, musical instruments and even a collection of snuff boxes from the region. Dr. Arch. Mutiso says he particularly enjoys abstract art, “something that’s open to interpretation”.

To all who have met and worked with him, Dr. Arch. Reuben Musyoka Mutiso is greatly relied upon for his integrity of opinion as well as the provision of sound and valuable advice and guidance relating to business risks and growth. His experience, in-depth knowledge, formidable executive capability, international exposure, access to international professional contacts and an astute grasp of strategic management enables him to handle his duties with efficacy and efficiency. It can be said without fear of contradiction; he exhibits a sense of justice, fairness, patience, good humour, courtesy and firmness in equal measure.

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