MUA History

The Management University of Africa (MUA) Sponsored by The Kenya Institute of Management (KIM) was established in 2011, following the decision of the sponsor to transform the KIM School of Management into a University. The decision was in recognition of the working executive's keen desire to address known and existing problems in the workplace. The Institute observed that for such problems to be dealt with effectively there was need for leaders who were espoused excellence in business leadership thus leading to positive change.

It was on this account that KIM recognized need for focused quality education in management, both at undergraduate and postgraduate levels and as early as 1993, the Institute began laying out the infrastructure and conceptualizing academic programs that would support the establishment of MUA.

In September 2011, the Management University of Africa got its Letter of Interim Authority (LIA) from the Commission for Higher Education granting it mandate to operate as a University. The University had its first student intake in January 2012 and currently has a total of over 1,000 students admitted to its programs.

MUA was conceived with the working person in mind and draws it authority from the practical experience and solid knowledge base that the sponsor, the Kenya Institute of Management, has built in Leadership and Business Management over the past six decades. MUA seeks to produce graduates who will be true avatars of innovative leadership that will provide solutions to industry and to communities.

In the university's efforts to stamp its global existence, it is and will be alive to the emerging reflections in its fields of competence.