Bachelor of Education-Arts (B.Ed. Arts)


The Management University of Africa’s Bachelor of Eduaction Arts (BEd. Arts) programme aims at training professionally competent and ethical education graduates skillful enough to teach and provide effective leadership and management at all levels of education in private, corporate and public service. The programme focuses on building a broad foundation of theoretical and professional knowledge in education while on the other hand, focusing on concepts, skills and knowledge in specific disciplines. Besides the core disciplines, the student teacher can select a study area from a host of electives which may suit their career pathways. It also seeks to equip the student teacher with relevant teaching skills needed in design and implementation of programmes that meet the individual, professional, institutional, county, national and global educational needs today and in the near future.

This programme is aimed at developing individuals who have an interest in fostering teacher understanding in order to increase new knowledge that will be beneficial to schools and institutions globally and to also develop ethical, self-driven and intellectual teachers, trainers and practitioners in teaching, educational leaders and education managers.

The programme is anchored on the philosophy of providing an environment that develops competent teachers with excellent classroom/ school management practices teachers who will nurture potential talent and skills of the learners. This programme will be focusing on educating teachers and school administrators for innovation, change and transformation in the education system in Kenya, African context and beyond.

Study mode: Full-time

Intakes: January, May, September, Continuous

Duration: Either (a) Four academic years for holders of Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education certificate or its equivalent. Or (b) Three academic years for holders of Kenya Advanced Certificate of Education certificate or its equivalent. Or (c) Two academic years for holders of higher diploma certificates.

Admission criteria:

The following subject combinations will apply for Bachelor of Education Arts.
1. English and Literature
2. Mathematics and Business Studies
3. Mathematics and Geography
4. History and Geography
5. History and Religious Studies
6. History and Kiswahili
7. History and Business Studies
8. Religious Studies and Geography
9. Religious Studies and Kiswahili
10. Religious Studies and Business Studies
11. Geography and Business Studies
12. Geography and Kiswahili
13. Kiswahili and Business Studies

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