Diploma in Business Information Technology


Information Technology is changing continuously and rapidly. Globalization and liberalization are radically reshaping technologically, the Information Technology development practices. As a consequence, this programme aims to provide the foundation knowledge and skills in IT with a special emphasis on application software used in business organizations/ corporates and the essential knowledge in the functional areas of business management. Diploma in Business Information and Technology (DBIT) of Management University of Africa (MUA) combines essential aspects of information technology with the key facets of business and management in relation to ICT, with a view to producing technically proficient diploma holders capable of productively fitting in formal employment or self-employment.

Overall Goals of the Programme

The programmes will therefore provide Business Information Technology graduates with a real world technological experience that will prepare them into the fields of Business and Information Technology for the economic growth and prosperity of the region and world at large.

Target Groups

O level, A level graduates who wish to take a career in Business and Information Technology sector as programmers, web developers, database designers and administrators, networking, Business managers, business developers among others.

Intakes: January, May, September

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