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International Computer Digital Literacy

The ICDL is a proof of your ability to use a computer and its most popular Computer applications. It is the global standard in user computer skills, offering Candidates an internationally-recognised certification that is supported by governments, computer societies, international organisations and commercial corporations alike. The European Union commissioned the Council for European Informatics Professionals (CEPIS) sets the standard for the ICDL.


  • World’s largest computer-user skills certification (6+ million Candidates).
  • Uniquely-validated and quality-assured syllabus.
  • Recognised in 146 countries.
  • Translated into 38 languages.
  • Part of a life-long learning pathway.
  • Demonstrates achievement of a broad range of skills.
  • Flexible learning

Benefits of ICDL

  • Provides a springboard to improved job & study prospects and job mobility.
  • Provides an internationally-recognized qualification.
  • Increases essential IT skills levels.
  • Increases confidence in computer use and reduces stress.
  • Provides a platform from which to move on to higher-level IT education.
  • Enables and facilitates flexible learning by choosing a profile tailored to your skill set. As your skill levels increase, you progress on a pathway from digital literacy right through to digital expertise.
  • Most universities and companies give recognition and credit to ICDL

ICDL Base Content

Base Modules

  1. BPM 1 – Computer Essentials
  2. BPM 2 – Online Essentials
  3. BPM 3 –  Word Processing
  4. BPM 4 – Spreadsheets

Standard Modules

  1. SPM 5 – Online Collaborations
  2. SPM 6 – Using Databases
  3. SPM 7 – Presentation

ICDL Target Groups

  • Employers: Build your business on the skills of your team. Certify your employees with skills that make ICDL Profiling work for you.
  • Employees: Grow your career with ICDL as you pick and expand the skillset you need for the role you want.
  • Graduates: Get your CV to the top of the pile by matching your ICDL Profile to employers’ needs. Prove you have the skills to get you hired.
  • Parents: Give them the best start of using technology the right way and build their skills of digital proficiency as they grow.
  • Students: Make technology work for you. Get the skills that get you places in education and beyond.

Study mode: Full-time, Online

Intakes: January, May, September

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