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Resource mobilization is the foundation for the self-sustainability of development programmes and projects. It’s all the means that an organization should acquire to implement its action plan. Resource mobilization can be managed innovatively to remain mission-focused while changing donor support and demands.

Course Objectives

On completion of this course, participants should be able to:
 Define the concepts and importance of resource mobilization for projects/ programmes.
 Describe the process and tools for resource mobilization.
 Articulate the principles of resource mobilization.
 Develop proposals for funding by the donors.
 Appreciate the role of Monitoring and evaluation in resource management.
 The moral aspect of resource mobilization.

Module 1: Introduction to Resource Mobilization

 Definition and importance of resource mobilization
 Different types of resources (financial, human, in kind, volunteer etc
 Why organizations need resource mobilization

Module 2:Understanding your organization

 Assessing your organization’s needs and goals
 Identifying your target audience and potential donors
 Clarifying your vision and mission

Module 3: Fundamentals of Fundraising

 Principles of Ethical Fundraising
 Legal and regulatory considerations
 Donor relations and stewardship

Module 4: Fundraising techniques

 Individual giving (major donors, annual giving, online donations)
 Corporate partnerships and sponsorships
 Grant writing and foundation funding

 Crowdfunding and peer-to-peer fundraising
 Event planning and fundraising

Module 5: Donor relationship management

 Building and maintaining donor relationships.
 Donor segmentation and personalized approaches
 Effective stewardship and recognition

Module 6: The overview of resource mobilization and fundraising

 The concept of resource mobilization
 The concept of sustainability and its pillars

Module 7: Types of resources and donors

 Thematic funding
 Pooled funding
 Regular resources
 Selecting resource mobilization vehicles.;

Module 8: The resource mobilization process

 Practical steps in resource mobilization
 Tools in effective resource mobilization
 Funding proposal research

Module 9: The challenges in resource mobilization

 Trends, challenges and opportunities in resource mobilization.
 What determines organizational attractiveness to donors
 Donor prospecting and research
 How to identify potential donors
 Ways to use donor research

Module 10: Resource mobilization strategies

 Setting clear objectives and goals
 Identifying Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
 Types of funds
 Engaging donors as partners
 Strategic communication
 Setting clear structures for funding and execution.

Module 11: Resource mobilization monitoring and evaluation

 Financial and non-financial factors
 Developing a monitoring plan and evaluation plan.

Approach/ Mode of Delivery

The courses will be offered virtually,. The participant pay the training fees, access
the training materials, and presentations virtually and finally get the certificate of

Target Participants

Fund raising officers, resource mobilization personnel, grant managers and
officers, administration officers.


This course will take a maximum of 4 weeks.


FEES: ksh 42,000.00

For any further clarification, kindly contact:
The Executive Capacity Development
Tel: 0721-5383890748- 351815
Email: OR

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