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Prof. Washington Okeyo, PhD, MBA, MKIM, BSc
Prof. Washington Okeyo, PhD, MBA, MKIM, BSc
Vice - Chancellor / Member, UGC
Prof. Washington Okeyo, PhD, MBA, MKIM, BSc


Prof. Okeyo was the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academics, Research and Extension) at Management University of Africa before becoming the VC. He has taught at University of Nairobi among others. He has written and published widely in Management and Leadership. He is also the patron of the Editorial Board of International Journal of Management and Leadership Studies. He has taught, done research and published in many peer reviewed journals including European Scientific Journal, Advances in Social Sciences Research Journal, International Journal of Business and Social Research, and others and authored books in business, management and development studies. Professor Okeyo also worked in the corporate world as Systems Administrator at Caltex Oil (Kenya) Limited, Deputy General Manager at Kenya Breweries Limited, Managing Director at Southlink Consultants Limited and Project Manager at UNESCO. He was the lead consultant in several projects for UNDP, UNICEF, Oxfam, CHF International, and USAID among others and led research and organizational development projects in several corners of the globe, including serving as the research programme manager for an Africa-wide UNESCO funded research projects. He has had study and academic tours in many countries in Africa, Europe, and USA. Professor Okeyo also served in the boards of and is a current full member of Muthaiga Golf Club, Parklands Sports Club, and Nyanza Club. He attended several international conferences and leadership forums including the Leadership and Management Summit (Mombasa), UNCTAD 14 World Investment Forum (Nairobi), University Leaders’ Training at University of IOWA, IOWA City, USA and others. He is a current Full Member of Kenya Institute of Management (KIM) and enjoys a round of golf during his free time.

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Neuro-Signatures in C-3 Economic Decisions

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20th May 2024 - Friday, 24th May 2024

Main Campus - Kisaju and South C Campus

To showcase products and services, teaching information literacy skills as well as conducting guided tours of the library. You will be introduced to a wide range of current and appropriate information resources, subscribed and open- access e – databases, e -Journals, e -Books, e-dissertations as well as past examination papers and research projects which are accessible through the digital repository.


Improving your Academic grades through the use of the library | | 0722 224 193

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