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Leadership Development


Leadership is about influence and ability to have people look up to you for direction. Management is about making decisions to achieve a certain objective with available resources. In leadership development Training, participants are expected to learn the difference between leadership and management, and how the two relate.

Course Objectives

On completion of this course, participants should be able to:

  •  Gain an overview of leadership and management concepts
  •  Appreciate the role of leadership in times of change
  •  Clarify the position of communication
  •  The role of team leadership in organization.
  •  Dealing with day to day conflicts as they may arise.
  •  Stress management
  •  Improving customer experience with every person we interact with.

The topics covered include:

  1. Introduction to leadership concepts
    •  Leadership and management compared.
    •  Leadership challenges in 21st century.
  2. Communication and relationship management
    • Building trusted relationships.
    • Influencing others.
    • Creative thinking and problem solving.
  3. Customer experience management 
    • Identify our customers
    • Identify other stakeholders.
    • Communication and anticipating customer needs.
    • Managing diverse customer expectations.
  4. Crisis Management
    • Understand crises levels.
    • Appreciate individual responsibility in Crises management.
    • Methods of maintaining proper communication it times of crisis.
  5. Conflict management
    • Identifying conflicts
    • Causes of conflict
    • God or bad conflicts
    • Conflicts resolution
  6. Emotional intelligence and motivation
    • What is emotional intelligence
    • Self- awareness
    • Self -management
    • Social awareness
    • Methods of motivation.

Approach/ Mode Of Delivery

The courses will be offered virtually, modules will be created and uploaded by the portal. The participants will be able to virtually register, pay the training fees, access the training materials, as well as attend the virtual presentations do exams online and finally get results and the certificate of training.


Maximum of 4 weeks


Ksh. 36,500 per delegate.


Start Date: 5th June, 7th August, 9th October 2023



In case of any clarification, kindly contact:

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