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Supervisory Skills Development


Change is the only constant thing in life. This takes place including even as one is promoted to a supervisory level for a team. To perform this role effectively, and be able get results through people, one would require a new set of skills.

The course covers key areas that a supervisor needs practical’s application and guidelines in order to excel. We will help you develop necessary skills and knowledge to achieve results through effective supervision.

Course Objectives

On completion of this course, participants should be able to:

  •  Gain an overview of the supervisory role in their organization.
  •  Be able to set objectives, standards and targets
  •  Manage their teams performance effectively
  •  Apply appropriate control measures in work set ups
  •  Create conducive work atmosphere for the team performance
  •  Be able to solve work team conflicts
  • Provide coaching and mentorship to the new members of your team

Topics to be covered include:

  1. Introduction to management concepts
    • Functions, practices and principles.
    • Comparing Management and Leadership
  2. Basic roles of supervisors
    • Planning day to day activities in a department
    • Setting priority for tasks
    • Setting up measures for performance.
  3. Effective communication
    • Effective methods of communication
    • Barriers to communication
    • Giving feedback on performance
  4. Decision making and problem solving
    • Importance of decision making
    • Decision making process
    • Challenges in decision making.
  5. Conflict management at the department level
    • Identifying conflicts
    • Causes of conflict
    • Good or bad conflicts
    • Conflicts resolution.
  6. Emotional Intelligence
    • What is emotional intelligence
    • Self- awareness
    • Self- management
    • Social awareness
    • Methods of motivation.
    • Stress Management

Approach/ Mode of Delivery

The courses will be offered online, modules will be created and uploaded to the website. The participants will be able to virtually register, pay the training fees, access the training materials, attend class presentations do exams and finally get results and the certificate of training.

Target Participants

Supervisors, heads of department, middle managers, management trainees.


This course will take a maximum of 6 weeks 

Cost: Ksh. 32,000 per delegate.


Start Dates: 8th May, 10th July 2023, 4th September 2023, 6th November 2023




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