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Vision Mission Core Values

Vision, Mission, Core Values

The Management University of Africa envisions to be a premier university in the provision of Quality and relevant Management and Leadership programmes.

At MUA we cater for everyone’s needs and believe that every business process must focus on delighting the customer. The key pillar of The Management University of Africa (MUA) proposition is anchored on the Mission and Philosophy which is to provide training for transformational leadership. 

The Management University of Africa has several unique characteristics that distinguish it from the rest of the other universities in Kenya and the rest of the world. As per its vision, the University seeks to match the ever-growing demand in the industry for highly qualified management, leadership and governance professionals. The University is therefore unique in both the programmes on offer and the way they are delivered and who delivers them


A premier university providing management and transformative leadership solutions.


Pursue excellence in provision of quality education through innovative teaching and distinguished research to mould leaders, change agents and entrepreneurs with a global impact

Core Values

Lifelong and experiential learning

Develop a learning culture in the university that continues throughout a person’s lifetime

Academic Freedom

Upholding the spirit of free and critical thought and enquiry, through open exchange of best practice, ideas and knowledge

Creativity and innovation

Introducing new methods and interventions through research and development that ensure quality, efficiency, effectiveness and productivity


Ensuring excellence within the university by upholding professional and ethical standards and accountability

Social Responsibility

Providing leadership in responding to issues of national, regional and global concerns though collaborative efforts

Our History

Sponsored by the Kenya Institute of Management (KIM), MUA was established in September, 2011 when it got its Letter of Interim Authority (LIA) from the Commission for Higher Education granting it mandate to operate as a University.

The establishment of MUA followed the decision of the sponsor to transform the KIM School of Management into a University. Conceived with the working person in mind, this decision was an appreciation of the working executive’s keen desire to address known and existing problems in the workplace.

The Institute observed that for such problems to be dealt with effectively there was need for leaders who were espoused excellence in business leadership thus leading to positive change.

Our Structure

Our Governance team includes the Board of Trustees, Chancellor, Governing Council, Vice Chancellor, University Senate, and the University Management Board.

MUA is organised into nine departments, forming a collective team responsible for ensuring that the university achieves or exceeds our ever-ambitious goals.

We are a trusted partner to a growing portfolio of international institutions committed to providing life-changing experiences.

Our ‘Save a Dream’ fund for bright but needy learners allows affordable access to students from deprived backgrounds.

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20th May 2024 - Friday, 24th May 2024

Main Campus - Kisaju and South C Campus

To showcase products and services, teaching information literacy skills as well as conducting guided tours of the library. You will be introduced to a wide range of current and appropriate information resources, subscribed and open- access e – databases, e -Journals, e -Books, e-dissertations as well as past examination papers and research projects which are accessible through the digital repository.


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