Why Study at MUA

It's important to find a university that's the right fit. It's not just a matter of finding one that offers the degree program you're after. It's also important to find one with an approach and vision that matches your interests and career goals. There are many reasons that MUA could be the university for you. Here are just a few.

  • Small class size - At the undergraduate level, class sizes average around 20 students in upper-level courses and introductory courses generally include fewer than 35 students.
  • Flexible scheduling of courses  - both day, evening and weekend settings gives you time for other activities.
  • Preparation for professional training - (procurement, project management, community development, entrepreneurship, social work, etc.) are core and highly sought after skills in an employee.
  • Practicum and internship (Field Placement) - to provide you with the opportunity to combine your classroom knowledge with current practice in a variety of community-based settings.
  • Extensive computer and library services / facilities -  allow you to have access to your peers, to information about Social Sciences, to various Social Science tutorials, and to word processing and other helpful programs.
  • Personal supervision and access to faculty- This ensures that you will not be just another "face in a crowd" of MUA students.
  • Teaching is our primary mission - The faculty at the Management University are dedicated teachers who have regularly received high ratings from students on their yearly evaluations of classroom performance.
  • Practicing professionals as adjunct faculty and guest lecturers.
  • Research experiences - This are available to help you gain further preparation for either graduate school or employment in the field of management and leadership. The graduate programs require the completion of a thesis.