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A Customer is said to be the king, he is the reason why every business enterprise or organization exist. Organization may have excellent products or services but if the customer is not happy then that business will suffer in the long run.
Customer service training will help business personnel to learn about their customer needs, expectations, dealing with difficult customers, customer analysis, and strategies to manage stress.

Course objectives:

On completion of this course, participants should be able to:
 Gain an overview of the environment in which businesses operates.
 Understand the impact of customer service to business.
 Appreciate the importance of good customer service to


 Appreciate the current climate of etiquette and take personal responsibility to delight customers
 Appreciate the competitive nature of business environment and the key customer service plays in differentiation of one business to another.
 Use range of interactive skills with customers.

The training will cover these areas:

Module 1: Introduction to customer service
 What is customer service
 Identify type of customers in an organization

 Where and when customer service takes place
 Why does customer service matter to you.
Module 2: Communication skills development
 Developing excellent communication skills
 Presenting a professional image
 Verbal and non- verbal communication
 Key body language in communication

Module 3: The Customer Analysis: Know your customer:

 Know your customer
 Know your customer expectations
 Types of customers: amiable, domineering, Analytical…
 Determine your level; of service.

Module 4: Dealing with difficult Customers:

 What makes customer upset
 Signs of upset customers
 Steps to calm upset customers
 Accurately identify the problem
 Confirm the customer value, synchronize and summaries
 Affirm his value system again.

Module 5: Telephone Etiquette

 Mastering telephone etiquette
 Answering the phone, professional greetings
 Active listening, putting callers on hold, transferring the calls
 Taking messages and voice mail
 Ending the call

Module 6: Stress Management

 What is stress
 Causes of stress
 Symptoms of stress
 Managing stress
 Good and bad stress


The courses will be offered virtually.The participants will be able to virtually register,
pay the training fees, access the training materials, do exams online and finally get
results and the certificate of training.


Front Office personnel, sales personnel, Customer experience staff


This course will take a maximum of 6 days.


Kshs. 38,000.00 per delegate

In case of any clarification, kindly contact:

The Executive Capacity Development
Tel: 0721-538389
Email: OR

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