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The Library

The Library seeks to empower the University to perform its core functions by being the Information hub and nerve center of relevant information resources and services for teaching, learning, entertainment, research and consultancy. Today, the library is central to learning in the digital age while continuing its traditional contributions to knowledge management.


The vision of the library is to become the knowledge and information hub for University students, staff, scholars, practitioners and the society at large.


The mission of the library is to provide and innovatively promote access to quality information necessary for supporting University‘s teaching, learning, research and community roles.


  • Select, acquire and organize a wide variety of quality information to support academic activities of the University.
  • Market the University library and information resources and services.
  • Collaborate with local, regional and international consortia and partnerships to facilitate access to wider variety and quality information.
  • Provide access to physical facilities, equipment and environment that inspires learning.
  • Promote use of information communication technologies (ICTs) and related services.

Roles and Functions

The role of the library is to support teaching, research and training at the University through provision of appropriate learning materials.

Core Services

The library offers the following service:

  • Circulation services;
  • Readers services;
  • Reference and referral;
  • Information literacy training programme;
  • Photocopying;
  • Induction and orientation ;
  • Internet and e-mail;
  • Reservation and on-line charting services; and
  • Off-campus access services.

Our Team

The Library team consists of the University librarian, the Deputy University Librarian, assistant librarians, library assistants and interns.


The library has two physical libraries. The main library is at the main campus in Kisaju, Kajiado County and we also have a satellite library at the South C Delivery Center in Nairobi.

The libraries have a combined book stock of over 10,000 books, 50 electronic databases, and a sitting capacity of 500.

Regulatory Requirements

The library draws its mandate from the University statues, Universities Act, 2012 and the MUA Charter. It is guided in its day to day activities by the CUE University library guidelines and standards, 2014, the Library policy and the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

Customers and Stakeholders

The library users include the students, faculty and the entire university community including the Alumni. It is also open to the members of the general public through the off-campus access platform on meeting terms and conditions of such access.

Suppliers and Partners

The Library collaborates with many development partners among them Books for Africa (BFA) and Books for International Goodwill ( BIG) of USA, KIM library, Educate Yourself (EYS) Ltd, Kenya Libraries and Information Services Consortium ( KLISC), among others.


For more information, please reach us through:

Phone: +254 722 224193

The Library
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