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Development Fund

The Development Fund of the Management University of Africa was established in September 2014. The establishment of the fund was informed by the desire to allow access to affordable University Education to students from deprived communities and regions that are graded under the equalization fund as well as support bright and gifted students in Kenya and beyond. Others are persons with physical challenges and other disadvantaged groups particularly women and the youth. Moreover, the conflict prone deprived communities and regions in Kenya and indeed Africa and the World require high caliber human resource skilled in Management, Leadership, Governance and Entrepreneurship for development.

In addition, Resource mobilization, conflict management and Resolution knowledge and skills are also a prerequisite for development. This is much more so important now in Kenya with the recent discovery of natural resources such as water aquifers, oil and gas deposits in Northern Kenya. The purpose of our Fund is to cater for tuition fees as well as upkeep of the beneficiaries while studying at the University. In addition, the fund hopes to establish a Work-Study Programme for continuing students who can no longer afford to pay tuition fees along the way.

 The University and its sponsor offer their programmes on cost recovery basis so as to reach as many Kenyans as possible. This means that revenue generated from academic programmes is not sufficient to provide scholarships, fellowships and bursaries to young bright, talented and needy students as well as meeting other obligations of the University. This state of affairs persuaded the University to establish an Endowment Fund in August 2014.

Objectives & Purpose

The objective of the fund is to support bright but needy and talented students from disadvantaged backgrounds in Kenya, Africa and the World to study and redeem their dreams at the Management University of Africa, thus the name ‘Save a Dream’ Scholarship Fund.

The purpose is to:

  1. Pay tuition fees and upkeep for the benefiting students while studying at the Management University of Africa;
  2. Establish a Work-Study Programme for continuing students who can no longer afford to pay tuition fees due to unforeseen circumstances; and
  3. Support renowned international professors, scholars, adjunct faculty and highly regarded business personalities to MUA from around the world to deliver lectures on topical issues.

Structure, Governance & Administration

The fund is structured through the following categories:

  1. Investment Fund – to invest in easily convertible markets to generate quick returns;
  2. “Save a Dream” Scholarship Fund – to pay fees and tuition to the University;
  3. Work-Study Programme Fund – Proceeds paid to the University to off-set outstanding fees/tuition balance; and
  4. Facilitation Fund – to bring in highly regarded and respected Scholars, Professors, Business personalities, Adjunct Faculty, and among others from around the World to speak on topical issues at the University.

The fund is governed by the Board of Trustees (BOT) of the Management University of Africa and administered by the University’s Endowment Fund Secretariat.

The fund is structured through the following categories:

The fund is governed by the Board of Trustees (BOT) of the Management University of Africa and administered by the University’s Endowment Fund Secretariat.

Transparency & Accountability

The fund will prepare and keep proper books of accounts which will be audited annually and a report made to all the stakeholders.


The fund has progressed well since inception. So far twelve (12) students have benefitted as follows:

  • 6 female students of which 4 have benefited through partial scholarship to pursue post graduate programme in Management and leadership and 2 of them undergraduate programmes.
  • 6 gentlemen who have benefited from the fund to pursue Bachelor of Management and leadership

This year(2018), the fund is targeting to raise thirty (30) Million so as to facilitate more underprivileged students realize their dreams at the Management University of Africa.

Every gift counts!

How to Get Involved

To help raise funds to save a dream, you can make a payment by dialling *483*57*35045# or click Here to donate now.

The Management University of Africa Endowment Fund partners with philanthropic individuals and organizations who believe in service to humanity for humanity. The fund extends a warm invitation to you to get involved by making financial contribution, becoming a partner or facilitator of the fund events  as well as partnering with the fund now and into the future as follows:

  • Corporates, charitable organisations, foundations-may commit to contribute one off or annually to the fund in tandem with their shared prosperity qualities or partner with the fund in resource mobilisation events.
  • National and county governments can sponsor disadvantaged students from their areas of jurisdiction by making donor controlled grants to the fund; and
  • Individuals-can commit monthly, half yearly or annual contributions towards the fund or become mentors in MUA mentorship programme. Individuals can also bequeath their wealth/property in memory of or in memorium.


P. O. BOX 29677 – 00100 NAIROBI, KENYA. 


Account Name: The Management Uni of Africa Dvpt F.
Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB)    
Moi Avenue Branch  
A/C No.: 1217239561

Business No. 522522
A/C No. 1217239561

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