1.1   Introduction

The Management University of Africa referred to as MUA would like to invite interested candidates who must qualify by meeting the set criteria as provided by MUA to perform the contract of supply and delivery or provision of goods, work and services.

1.2       Pre-Qualification Objective

The main objective is to supply and deliver assorted items and also provide services under relevant tenders/ quotations to MUA as and when required during the stated period.

1.3       Invitation of Pre-qualification

Suppliers registered with Registrar of Companies under the Laws of Kenya in respective merchandise or services are invited to submit their pre-qualification documents to The Procurement Committee, MUA so that they may be pre-qualified for submission of quotations. Bids will be submitted in complete lots, singly or in combination. The prospective suppliers are required to supply mandatory information for pre-qualification.

1.4       Experience

Prospective suppliers and contractors must have carried out successful supply and delivery of similar items/ services to Government/ Corporations/ Institutions of similar size and complexity. Potential suppliers/ contractors must demonstrate the willingness and commitment to meet the pre-qualification criteria.

1.5       Pre-qualification Document

This document includes questionnaire forms and documents required of prospective suppliers.

1.6       In order to be considered for pre-qualification, prospective suppliers must submit all the information herein requested.

1.7       Distribution of pre-qualification documents

            A copy of the completed data and other requested information shall be submitted to reach:



                                                     P.O BOX 29677-00100


Not later than 7th March, 2018 at 5.00PM

1.8       Questions Arising from Documents

Questions that may arise from the pre-qualification documents should be directed to the Procurement Officer, MUA, P.O. Box 29677-00100, NAIROBI

1.9       Additional Information

            MUA reserves the right to request submission of additional information from prospective bidders.

1.10     Request for quotations will be made available only to those bidders whose qualifications are accepted by MUA at the disclosure of the tender committee after the completion of the pre-qualification process.



The Management University of Africa (MUA) is a premier not for profit private University in Kenya situated in South C, Off Popo Road, and its Main Campus is in Kisaju, Kajiado County. MUA invites applications from vendors (including current suppliers) for prequalification of goods, works and services to the University for the year 2018. A list of all categories advertised can be obtained from

Interested candidates should obtain pre-qualification/ registration of suppliers documents from the Procurement Office at MUA South C Campus during working hours (8.00am -5.00pm) upon payment of a non-refundable fee of Kshs. 3,000/= per category. The payment should be deposited in our Equity Bank Account Westland Branch Account No.0550298813541 or via Bankers Cheque in favour of The Management University of Africa.

Completed pre-qualification documents placed in separate plain sealed envelopes indicating the title of the tender, tender number & category should be delivered/ posted to the following address: - (please note, each category will be submitted in a separate envelope).




                                             P.O BOX 29677-00100,


Tender application closes on 7th March 2018 at 5.00 pm


Tender 2


Background / Introduction:

The Management University of Africa (MUA) is a private, not-for-profit university operating in the Republic of Kenya. MUA wishes to establish its Main Campus at its Parcel of Land located at Kisaju in Kajiado County.
MUA wishes to subdivide some of its land and is now seeking an individual or reputable firm to quote for land survey and demarcation services.

Quotation Requirements:
•    All quotations must be in Kenya Shillings and inclusive of VAT.
•    The bidder’s key personnel for the proposed services must have relevant qualifications, skills and experience and must demonstrate a track record/ experience in survey work. (Attach CVs and copies of credentials of the key personnel who will deliver the services).
•    A brief description of your experience in similar activities must be attached and at least three references for similar assignments alongside the Quotation Document.
•    Attach a copy of surveyor certificate/License and a brief profile of yourself or your firm.
•    Each prospective bidder is expected to send a proposal Cover letter, indicating process, duration and schedule for this work and the total cost for the services rendered.

Scope / Deliverables
•    Confirm the size of the said Parcel of Land
•    Identify, demarcate and mark boundaries of the parcel of land as advised by MUA
•    Document and give a summary of the size of the plot with a draftsman image of the said parcel of land.
•    Prepare the deed plan for the demarcated parcels of land
•    Liaise with MUA Legal Counsel to present the mutations to the Land Registry at Kisaju for registration
Your quotation will form the basis for negotiations and ultimately a contract between your firm and the Management University of Africa.

Evaluation Criteria:
Proposals will be evaluated, and a final selection made after assessing the applicant’s qualifications, experience, cost and ability to perform the work on schedule. The following documents shall, therefore, be mandatory
•    Information on the applicant’s professional qualifications and copies of relevant certification and licenses;
•    Schedule of work up to and including submission for registration to the Land Registry in Kajiado;
•    Evidence of experience with similar types of projects/services;
•    References from satisfied clients, who may be contacted for verification before awarded of contract; and
•    Final bid price expressed in terms of Kenya Shillings per acre of land to be surveyed and demarcated. Final bid prices shall be valid for at least 90 days.
•    Negotiations shall be carried out with the individual or firm that submits the most suitable quotation for the services.
•    The negotiations shall cover the firm’s methodology and work plan for carrying out the tasks as assigned in the document. Bid prices shall NOT comprise a matter for negotiation, and the quoted prices shall be final.
•    Prior to contract execution, the Management University of Africa shall require assurances that the key person listed will be available to carry out the specified tasks on the dates MUA will be prepared to conduct the exercise.

Application Submission:
All applications (and/or any clarifications sought) with respect to this procurement shall be addressed to:
The Vice Chancellor,
Management University of Africa (MUA)
P.O Box 29677 - 00100
Nairobi, Kenya

Applications shall be submitted VIA EMAIL to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and indicating the Subject as “RFQ FOR KISAJU LAND SURVEYING SERVICES” so as to reach us not later than 4.00 pm on Thursday 26th May 2016.

•    All applications received in this manner will be acknowledged (by return email) latest by the close of business on the next working day after submission.
•    Under no circumstances shall late applications be received or acknowledged.
•    Any clarifications sought shall be sent at least two working days before the close of this RFQ. Responses to such clarifications will be sent to all bidders.