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Capacity development is critical for organizations as a tool for enhancing service delivery by their employees. It is a process through which managers, leaders, and those aspiring for management and leadership positions learn and improve their skills not only for their own benefit but also for the employing organizations. MUA responds to the needs and demands of the industry through provision of cutting edge training programmes in the areas of Management, Leadership, Governance and Entrepreneurship.

Executive Training Programmes

MUA offers short training courses through various methods namely;

  1. Open Courses: These attract participants from different organizations who are trained together.
  2. In-house Courses: These are tailored to meet specific organizational needs, thus they draw delegates from one organization.                
  3. Tailor-made Courses: These are programmes developed for specific organizations. An organization identifies a training need and engages MUA’s ECDP to develop and administer training content for that specific organization’s need. The courses are aimed at equipping employees with appropriate management tools and techniques necessary to provide service in that specific area of training in order to meet organization’s emerging development needs.


MUA also offers a range of services in consultancy, advisory and business support to organizations both in private and public sectors, through the Directorate of Executive Capacity Development Programmes.

MUA is registered with the National Industrial Training Authority (NITA): REF NO.NITA/TRN/849

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