Hostels and Accommodation

Accommodation services are coordinated at the Student Affairs Department. All resident students are expected to pay accommodation fee in full before admission to the hostels. They are also expected to read and understand Hostel rules and regulations then sign as a commitment to adhere to them.
Our hostels are situated in a serene Learning environment in Kisaju Main Campus coupled with adequate facilities to enable students to live and learn in comfortably. We ensure that high degree of discipline and decorum is observed in the hostels.
Hostel wardens are on site always to respond promptly to any emergency and also to guide the students while in the hostels.
A 24-hour Health Facility operates within the Main campus, Kisaju to attend to students in case of any health concerns. Our cafeteria that offers quality food to students on Pay as You Eat basis.
In matters security, the University ensures there is efficient 24 hour systems in place with CCTV coverage, perimeter and electric fence, sniffer dogs and competent security guards on duty day and night.
We are glad to welcome you in our hostels and wish you a pleasant stay and success in your studies.

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