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Student Affairs

Starting a degree is an exciting and sometimes daunting time, so we make a massive effort to ensure you get all the support you need to have a positive experience.

The Student Affairs Department deals with all aspects of a student’s life that aims at enabling the students fulfil their academic goals with utmost ease and make the university experience worthwhile.


To pursue excellence in provision of quality education through innovative teaching and distinguished research to mould leaders, change agents and entrepreneurs with a global impact.


To be a premier university providing management and transformative leadership solutions worldwide


Providing integral support and care to our students at all times


  1. Develop an effective optimum student engagement
  2. Development and maintenance of a secure and healthy environment
  3. Enrich experience of university life for all students
  4. Maintain a delighted student population
  5. Engagement of key stakeholders
  6. Improve governance structures, systems and processes
  7. Enhancement of Academic excellence

Services Offered

  1. Industrial attachment
  2. Community service
  3. Alumni and outreach services
  4. Hostel Accommodation
  5. Clubs and societies
  6. Games and sports
  7. Health services
  8. Guidance and counselling services
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