Master of Management and Leadership

The proposed MML programme takes a minimum of two (2) academic years and a maximum of four (4) years. Each year will have two (2) semesters. Each semester will have sixteen (16) weeks of study. Fourteen (14) weeks for tuition and two (2) weeks for examinations. Each course will have three (3) hours per week totaling to forty two (42) lecture hours per semester and three (3) hours of examinations leading to forty five (45) contact hours per course per semester. Learners on full time mode of study will take a maximum of six (6) courses and those on part time will take a minimum of four (4) courses per semester. The total lecture hours required for graduation are 840 hours.

Philosophy of the MML programme

The MUA – MML programme is designed to provide an opportunity for learners to combine both knowledge and action. The programme will equip the learners with valuable skills in areas of leadership, group dynamics, and decision-making to produce results aimed at improving organizational performance through excellent business administration practices. Generally MUA – MML progamme will focus on industry practitioners through interactions with businesses and their peers, and exemplify passion for innovation as clearly stipulated in the University philosophy. The programme emphasises a high degree learner interaction with businesses and peers in decision making and presentations.

Justification of the need for the Programme

Management and leadership issues continue to bedevil Africa, which is a prime reason for Africa’s under development. Based on such concern, the MUA Masters of Management and Leadership programme focuses on factors that contribute to successful problem solving and innovation. The MML program provides key skills and insights to professionals working in corporate, academic, public sector, and not-for-profit environments. Through on-campus group studies in areas such as, organizational change, learning theories, action research and crisis management, graduates will be better equipped to create high performing workplaces by motivating, empowering and inspiring organizations and others to build healthier workplace environments that are critical to success.

Goal of the Programme

The MML degree programme is designed to cultivate the leadership and the decision making skills necessary to ethically manage and tackle emerging challenges of today’s global businesses. The programme emphasizes both the theory and the practice of management in providing a practical learning experience for the students and developing their transformational leadership qualities.

Study mode: Full-time, Evening, Online, Distance Learning

Intakes: January, May, September

Duration: 2 Years

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